For all you doubters here is proof that I do have a heart (Day 5: 13 June 2012)

For all you doubters here is proof that I do have a heart (Day 5: 13 June 2012)

Day 5

Woke early again and put my head out of the van to discover that the rain had been turned off.  For the very first time it was looking warm and bright we optimistically got ready and even applied sunscreen, not quite bright enough for garish Oakley cycling shades but getting close.

After the usual very healthy breakfast of muesli and yogurt prepared by Paul we were off, a nice flat few miles on very quiet country lanes made us all feel good and the legs were spinning the bike along.  I finally seemed to be getting some rhythm and actually was enjoying the ride for the almost the first time since we set off.

Nothing very eventful happened (itself an event) and so when we reached Shrewsbury for our lunch stop Paul decided he would zoom ahead and Dave and I would make our own way.  A very brief visit to a local bike shop (Stans Cycles) to tighten up a bracket on the folder and we were on our way.

Dave and I just cycled on into Wales then back to England until we reached a drinks stop on the Llangollen Canal where on turning into the drive I fell off at about 1 mph… no real harm done except to my pride and some slight bruising on my right hand.

On arrival on site we were greeted by the very welcoming smell of homemade dinner, Rob had made chicken Curry which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  A beer or two and settled down to catch up with my admin…  mainly sorting out clothes and blogging…..

Now I am just chilling and having a well earned comfy seat.  Just a small footnote on talking to a lady in the camp she said they get a lot of people staying here who are doing LEJOG…. Quote “most of them are much younger than you”, I laughed and replied I was much younger this morning!

Worn out already.....................